Your Dollars at Work - April 2022

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You are helping to create future nurses at Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital through gifts to the Employee Unlimited Potential fund!

Your donation helped ease the financial burden for a staff member working towards her nursing degree—thank you! The scholarship was awarded from donations received in support of the Employee Unlimited Potential fund.

Now more than ever, your support plays a vital role for helping those pursuing a degree in nursing. With a critical shortage of nurses, you are helping to fill the gap by providing these caring individuals with the resources needed to succeed and ultimately deliver the best care possible for patients in our community!

When you support the Employee Unlimited Potential fund, your gift benefits community programs, hospital enhancements and associate programs.

If you would like to support this fund at Ascension Providence Rochester, visit this secure page and select the Employee Unlimited Potential fund from the drop down menu.

A new MRI ventilator and five new BiPap machines have increased patient and staff satisfaction at Ascension Providence Hospital, Southfield!

The Ascension Providence Foundation secured a grant from the Respiratory Foundation of Southeast Michigan that was used to purchase new equipment.

The new MRI ventilator helps patients breath during their MRI scan. The new BiPap machines provide positive air pressure when a patient breathes in and out, helping to open the lungs. The machine provides higher pressure when a patient breathes in which sets these BiPap machines apart from other types of ventilators.

Associate Testimonial: The new equipment provided ventilation to patients during the onset of COVID-19. The staff is extremely happy and proud to have the equipment needed to provide optimal patient care. We no longer have to call and rent equipment as often as we did before. This gives us more time to deliver care to our patients and not have to wait for delivery of equipment when we run short.

If you would like to support Ascension in southeast Michigan, visit this secure page and make your gift today.

You made it possible for 350 children to have a special Christmas in 2021 by supporting the Christmas Store at Ascension St. John Hospital. Thank you!

So many parents have fallen on hard times due to the ongoing pandemic. They could not provide anything extra for their children, let alone presents to celebrate the holiday. Social workers at Ascension St. John Hospital identified families with children in need and referred them to the Christmas Store. Each child received an outfit, a toy, and an age-appropriate book. Their parents received a gift card for food and, if needed, diapers, hats and gloves.

Although the child you helped won’t know you personally, you made a very personal difference in their young life. Thank you for helping a child in need!

If you would like to support this fund at Ascension St. John Hospital, visit this secure page and select the Christmas Store fund from the drop down menu. 

A nurse or caregiver on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic needs your help! The Caregiver Support fund at Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital is nearly depleted.

Your donation today will help a nurse or caregiver with urgent financial needs through the Caregiver Support fund. Needs include: rent or mortgage payments, utilities, medical expenses, auto and home repairs, expenses due to the death of an immediate family member, and other basic living needs. Your gift also provides frontline healthcare workers with well-being initiatives, stress relief, and support for their mental and emotional health.

Your gift to help a nurse or caregiver in a financial crisis is desperately needed today!

If you would like to support a nurse or caregiver at Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital, please visit this page and designate the “Caregiver Support Fund” from the drop-down menu. Thank you!